Classic French Croissants 法式牛角麵包



製作數量: 6 個 (15-18 cm)


製作班將教授 :

  • 如何製作酥化法式牛角麵包

Class of Classic French Croissants

To find the best croissant in Hong Kong, you could eat your way around its countless boulangeries but the best is surely the one you can make yourself!

Here, our chef instructor will guide you into mastering the croissants from start to finish: from the creation of the pâte feuilletée levée (a yeast based puff pastry dough) where you will be kneading and folding your way to a technically impressive croissant to wow each and every of your friends!!

Quantity: 6 pieces (15-18 cm)

Recipe & Dessert Packaging Box are included

In the class, you will learn

  • the basics to make croissants