Low-sugar Korean Buttercream Flower Cake 低糖韓式奶油霜裱花蛋糕

Class of Low-sugar Korean Buttercream Flower Cake

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Quantity: 1 four-inch cake *Upgrade Option: 1 six-inch cake

Instructors are qualified by KOREA FLOWERCAKE ASSOCIATION

Cake for the class: Chocolate Cake*

Recipe & Dessert Packaging Box are included

In the class, you will learn

  • how to make low-sugar buttercream
  • the color toning techniques
  • the basic cake piping skills
  • how to assemble the cake
  • the basic technique to crumb coat a cake

*The cake is to be prepared by our Chef Instructor in advance.

Class A

English Rose, Rose  & Apple Blossom

Class B

Rose, Chrysanthemum & Daisy


  • Join together,  joy together discount!
  • Private session joyful discount!


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