Mirror Marble Cakes 雲石鏡面蛋糕磚



製作數量: 4 個 (5 cm)


製作班將教授 :

  • 如何製作豆奶啫喱
  • 如何製作百利甜酒(Baileys)芝士蛋糕*
  • 如何製作優雅雲石鏡面


Class of Mirror Marble Cakes

Create your own mirror marble cakes under our chef instructor’s guidance. Elegantly decorated, the cakes can definitely amuse you with the extraordinary flavour of Baileys Original, together with the soy milk jelly and the chocolate sponge cake! Private group sessions can be conducted in English!

Quantity: 4 cakes (5 cm)

Recipe & Dessert Packaging Box are included

In the class, you will learn

  • how to make soy milk jelly
  • how to make a Baileys cheesecake*
  • how to make a stunning marble mirror glaze

*Due to time constraints, the sponge cake base is to be prepared by our Chef Instructor in advance.