Sakura Matcha Tart 櫻花抹茶撻



製作數量: 1 個 (6吋)


製作班將教授 :

  • 如何製作抹茶慕絲蛋糕 (使用頂級丸久小山園抹茶粉)
  • 如何以奶油霜製作櫻花 (使用韓國白牛油)
  • 如何製作朱古力裝飾

Class of Sakura Matcha Tart

Create a mouth-watering matcha tart with beautifully piped Sakura and chocolate decorations. An amazing dessert for you and for your camera! Private group sessions can be conducted in English!

Quantity: 1 tart (6 inches)

Recipe & Dessert Packaging Box are included

In the class, you will learn

  • how to make matcha tart (Use of Premium Matcha Powder)
  • how to pipe Sakura using Korean butter made buttercream
  • how to make chocolate decorations