Wafer Paper Flower Cake 威化紙花雪白蛋糕




製作數量: 1 個


製作班將教授 :

  • 如何製作1個4吋士多啤梨忌廉蛋糕
  • 如何製作士多啤梨果醬
  • 如何為威化紙調色 (可自由選擇顏色)
  • 如何製作威化紙花
  • 基本蛋糕抹面技巧

Class of Wafer Paper Flower Cake

A cake dedicated to the most important person in your life. Learn how to make a strawberry cream cake with an amazing carnation on top. With a healthily edible and splendid carnation (use of Wafer Paper), the person who receives the cake can surely feel the love you give! Private group sessions can be conducted in English!

Quantity: 1 cake

Recipe & Dessert Packaging Box are included

After the class, you will know

  • how to make a 4-inch & 2-layer cream cake
  • how to make strawberry jam
  • how to color the wafer paper
  • how to make a wafer paper flower
  • the basic technique to crumb coat a cake