Mission & Vision

Mission 使命

Together we create the most memorable and joyful cooking experience.

一起下廚, 一起創造快樂的回憶

Vision 願景

Share joy & make it infinite.


Founded officially in October 2016 by Calum who wishes to share joy with others, The Little Kitchen aims to give its guests the most memorable and joyful cooking experience in its nicely decorated cookery studio located at Yau Ma Tei. With its well-designed classes as well as the professional equipment used, it has drawn great support, from individual guests to corporates to sponsors, top brands in their category, in a very short period of time.

We hope, with our passion and determination, every guest likes our Cookery Studio and enjoys the time spent here as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you, and sharing joy with you!

小食堂 The Little Kitchen 由一年輕人於2016年10月正式創立,並於油麻地精心策劃及開設其廚藝教室。憑着其出色的製作班,小食堂廚藝教室得到各方面ㄧ包括大量朋友、公司團體及著名廚具、烹飪儀器品牌的支持。

我們的目標是令所有來到小食堂廚藝教室的朋友擁有最快樂的煮食新體驗,做到真真正正的「快樂分享•分享快樂」。我們期待與您們每一位見面, 一起創造快樂的回憶!