Marvellous place for company to arrange staff retreat and team building!
今日與伙伴們一起整蛋糕,一起慶祝生日,過程非常愉快,由開始預約Calum 溝通得好,場地清潔,Pak Sir 講解過程清晰易明,大家在歡樂氣氛下解鎖整蛋糕🍰大家加油💪🏽支持香港人💪🏽💪🏽
Thanks TLK for arranging such a memorable bridal shower for me and my bridesmaids! The chef and all staff are very friendly and accommodating ! Definitely 最好玩既bridal shower 🙌🏻
My 4 year old son enjoyed the ginger bread and chocolate tart workshop so much! Great location. Place is clean and everything so well organsied. Pak is great with kids, very clear and simple instructions and fun! Calum is very friendly and helpful also. Can’t wait to attend the next event.
Extraordinary experience and perfect for party and private class. Highly recommended !
o係 little kitchen 幫朋友搞左個bridal shower, 由出電梯o個下見到嘅布置、到成個rundown 安排、送俾新娘嘅小surprise等等, 全部都feel到佢地好心有機經營呢個地方, 俾我地過左好開心舒服嘅4個鐘。作為cooking studio, 教嘅野食又食得又睇得 : ] 特別想感謝幫忙轉左一個菜做素食, 希望多D人黎幫襯你地啦 ! 加油
We had a great experience! Teacher is very professional, he gave us a lot of useful tips! The ocean wave cake looks very pretty and it tastes very yummy too!
Very decent and comfy place to learn cooking! Super nice teacher and extremely clear instructions, good recipe that assure you can re-do it by yourself at home. Lovely packing and beautifully designed printed recipe for you to bring home � provide a decorated background for you to take great photos for your cooking product!
This is a long overdue thank you to The Little Kitchen - one of the most decent cooking studios in HK where we threw a birthday party for our daughter two years ago. The staff are helpful, considerate and always responsive. The studio itself is clean, spacious and stylish. All the kids and their parents had great feedback on the arrangement back then. We are also thankful to the staff who took a lot of great photos for us during the party.
We definitely need small business with heart like The Little Kitchen in HK!
呢排間間烘焙店都缺貨 咩都買唔到~
個DIY 樂樂製作盒咩材料都有齊

第一次整DIY mango cream dome!!超好味😋材料整理得好整齊,instruction好易跟,成個盒都好靚,好有心思~
My friends hosted a surprised bridal shower for me at the little kitchen. The space is neat and tidy and spacious while chef Pak is very patient with the inexperienced ladies including myself. They provided personalized service which was out of our expectation! They framed a customized poster with my name and theme printed on it, with photographer Calum taking pictures to capture our moments cooking together. I highly recommend this place if you are considering of hosting a party!
A good place for Friends gathering. Instructor is patient in leading us to make the full course dinner. it also offers a nice environment for private time to enjoy the meal with your friends.
我地今日喺The Little Kitchen 嘅生日會,超級開心同好玩呀!感謝Calum嘅安排,本來喺舊年嘅生日會,因疫情緣故延至今日,終於可以同好朋友一齊整蛋糕一齊慶祝一齊興奮,仲可以每人帶一個蛋糕返屋企,好有滿足感,所以囡囡Norah 可以有一個非常難忘嘅生日會,非常寶貴嘅回憶!
Pak sir對住好多嘢講嘅小女孩,唔單止有耐性,仲好生動咁教佢地整Carnival cake,過程非常順利,小朋友都好留心一步步跟住做,成功完成,滿足感100分!
再次多謝你地細心安排,the Little Kitchen變成Happy Kitchen 🥰🥰🥰
場地環境好舒適,器材好充足。講師教導細心╴整完個macaron個盒印埋個名~好有心既tailor made!最緊要係個macaron人人都讚好味~學左之後會自己返去試下整😊
Took a cooking party there. Food was amazing, super chef and trainer, lovely support staff. You can tell they are passionate on what they are doing. Really awesome and definitely go again!
Talented and friendly chef and boss
A very nice place for party!
Had an amazing experience with tlk from the very beginning of making enquiries to the accomplishment of cake making! Calum (Founder) was very nice to offer special arrangement for our private class. Prompt WhatsApp responses. The studio was spacious, clean, nicely decorated with super convenient location. Pak (Instructor) was clear in guiding us through the process, patient, humorous, and accepting to bear with us (and our bad jokes...). Making buttercream flower was challenging, but the step-by-step demonstration has made it so much easier, and the final outcome was totally worth it.

Highly recommend tlk!
Professional instructor, clean & spacious studio, fun-filled experience...highly recommended👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
Pretty cake and good taste. Good to have a chance to DIY your own cake under the current Wuhan Coronavirus circumstance at home.
The cake is awesome, beautiful and delicious!! My little sister loves the cake 🙂 It’s recommended to all of you for celebrating birthday and anniversary with your loved one.
I had my bridal shower with my friends at the Little Kitchen. The experience was way beyond a 5-star cooking studio!!! It’s very clean and tidy with many nice decoration around. We had Chef Pak to teach us a 3-course meal and a dessert and Calum who helped us take a lot of photos. I was impressed by this professional, dedicated and fun team, from cooking to the decoration and the little surprise. Highly recommended if you want a delightful experience instead of simply a cooking class 🙂 加油💪🏻
TLK it’s a perfect place for whatever celebrations you want to have! 🥰🥳🎂
值得推薦的cookery studio!
老師及老闆友善又靚仔,貼心照顧我們,由cooking 至拍照一心服務我們。
Very memorable experience! We had a lovely evening 🙂
環境好好,個廚好nice, d野好好食👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Highly highly recommended, especially for small private parties/bridal shower �. The place was very clean, organised and beautifully designed~ although we didn't bring our own decorations, Calum and his team was very thoughtful to create such a sweet personalised photogenic environment �. The cooking session was absolute fun and the food was very delicious!!
Will come back again for any future private function �.
Best Cookery studio I have ever been!! Super nice, clean, friendly environment, very thoughtful arrangement! Easy access location! Great instructor! Last but not the least, super yummy recipe!
Experienced a fun private cooking party tonight. Chef Pak and Calum are fun, professional and caring. Just love TLK, I’ll be back.
除了蛋糕,macaron 也是真心推介。

我只要求味道要 earl grey、matcha,店主另用心造了星空 macaron,看著已經賞心悅目,吃一口就更覺得幸福。

感謝在這黯淡無光的日子帶來色彩和幸福感 💜

#EarlGrey 茶味清香
#Matcha 香味濃郁
Best baking class in town!
Tutor Pak is very professional and fun! He gave us many baking tips. Thanks Calum for making a special arrangement for us despite the short notice!
My friends love the delicious water melon cake very much! Highly recommended!
It is a good place to learn how to make a very nice cake with your friends.
Thanks so much the teacher is very professional and explain all the detail clearly.
All my friends and I have amazing time.
Surely will come again to learn the rest.
Hope there are more different lessons coming this year.
Thanks for giving us (both parents and kids) a perfect party! Chef Pak is professional and attentive that makes kids enjoy cooking; Calum is thoughtful and attentive and he takes nice photos. The studio is spacious and clean. We all had a great time there!!
Best cookery studio ever. Superb class. Not only the cook/trainer has made cooking looked so easy, but he made it fun and professional. Food was like crazy good. Really appreciate all their good works. Highly recommended!!
Wonderful experience! 🥰
We celebrated our 4th Anniversary at TLK for a private cooking class and everything was impeccable - service level, environment, ambience, the attention to details... and of course the food was delicious! 😋

Would definitely recommend and come back! 💕 5 stars for sure! ⭐️
今日係第三次參加小食堂嘅甜品製作班,今次學整macaro!導師Pak sir講解嘅製作技巧簡單、易學,課堂氣氛輕鬆愉快。時間許可,亦會繼續參加其他製作班!
Thank you for giving me and my friends the best private baking experience! Absolutely loving the atmosphere of the studio and every staff was so nice and helpful, plus the little things that you guys have prepared for us just to make us feel special! Instructor Pak was very patient and taught us many useful tricks and skills! We will definitely come back next time!
我今日參加完之後 覺得佢地學習環境好舒服乾淨👍🏻 空間闊落 光線明亮 工作人員亦都好親切 導師亦都教授得好詳盡及仔細
Just had my daughter’s birthday party here, the staff are very thoughtful and well experienced to teach the kids baking, they also entertain with kids during the class, kids had so much fun.

Nice place, roomy and tidy! The cake is beautiful and good too. We highly recommend The Little Kitchen.
今日可以由真。令仔Pak Sir教整蛋糕真係超級無比幸福😍Calum亦都安排得好好👍🏻非常細心🥰對於一個唔識煮飯嘅媽媽簡直有如成就解鎖😌感謝你們喺教我哋整蛋糕嘅同時亦帶咗好多歡樂比我哋😊衷心希望你們生意蒸蒸日上👏🏻更上一層樓👍🏻會約埋啲fd 再嚟打擾你們的😉加油
It is one of my best memorable anniversary, looking forward for another experience with them!
講解清楚,而且一班唔會太多人,老師可以照顧得到各同學。 其他細節位都做得好好,預俾好影相位,食譜過埋膠俾你等等,所以我同朋友都第二次再參加。
We had a great time at The Little Kitchen this afternoon for my daughter’s 8th bday party. We were all impressed with the hearty touch to every single details to the party. It’s not just another party that the venue is hosting but a very personalised one with the attentive details. Calum and Pak were super patient with the kids. Its super risky to make macaroon with kids at this age but Pak and Calum has fulfilled the bday girl’s wish! And all kids managed to make their macaroons successfully. The venue is crisp clean with great natural lighting from the wide windows for photos. The afternoon was filled with laughter and joy for every single one of us. We strongly recommend this place for hosting private parties!
Understanding more cooking knowledge and skill during class!
Really enjoyed the class! Pak is a wonderful instructor. He is clear, detailed and encouraging to the students. Will be back ...
Perfect choice for a bridal shower!!! We all had so much fun! Food is perfect, the environment is perfect, the setting is perfect! Highly recommend for parties!
By the way, 導師好charming�
I had a happy cake making experience and hence decided to have a private cooking party at TLK. It’s a wonderful party. My friends and I enjoyed it very much. Pak sir is professional and fun. He makes cooking so easy and delicious 😋 Calum is helpful and attentive. Highly recommended!
We enjoyed our cooking evening so much! Thank you the Little Kitchen! Special shout out to our cooking instructor Pak, he has so much patience in us. Without him, I guess our bridal shower won't be a success too.

Very friendly and professional team - Calum and Chef Pak! We hosted a birthday party for my 8yr old daughter and her friends , and it was such a great experience for both kids and adults . Would love to recommend TLK to my friends !
小食堂環境好,地方寬闊。最重要係白sir 很用心教,在小食堂上課感覺比其他只教食譜內的事。課堂中白sir 還教了很多小知識畀我。令我對整甜品更有認識。更何況出來製成品真係十分之靚。
We received a baking session voucher as a Birthday present for my 10 years old son and we recently booked a session at The Little Kitchen for my son, his brother and a friend. All three boys had absolutely incredible time to the point that they asked if we could arrange another session. The boys said that the young men who conducted the baking session really knew how to make it interesting and fun. On my side, well, I loved their macarons. Highly recommending The Little Kitchen.
We had a great time with friends to make the mango dome cakes together at The Little Kitchen as a treat to my girl’s birthday. The chef Pak converted challenging steps into manageable and playful tasks to kids. Fresh fruit ingredients ie mangoes and strawberries made us drooling all along 😋😋😋. The studio was clean, spacious and nicely decorated with high privacy. Easy to get spots for nice pictures. Bonus: Calum showed great humor and hospitality that he really made your day 🥰 and your guests also.

Highly recommended to adults / kids / everyone as a break from work / WFH with your loved ones👍🏻
We enjoyed a fantastic 10 yr old birthday party with Calum & Pak at TLK. We chose quite an ambitious menu ( okonomiyaki, dumplings and apple crumble) & it was brilliant!

The space was superb, more than enough room for every workstation. It was also very clean and safe.

The kids were required to use kitchen knives so be sure that your group are able although the instruction for the age group in the use of knives was very clear & encouraged super safe use.

I would 100% recommend The Little Kitchen and I would love to organise a cooking class with my friends.
估唔到自己可以煮啲野咁好味 😋😋 Staff 好細心,環境好舒服

Highly recommended!!!
Book堂俾錢流程順暢,環境闊落舒適,仲有個靚靚嘅打卡位幫蛋糕影相, Pak sir講解詳細清楚,教導有耐性又細心,過咗一個愉快又充實嘅週末,最後蛋糕會包埋靚靚包裝,送禮自用都一流!
A very nice place with patient and knowledgeable chef Pak and very nice snap shot photos taken by Calum. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to take cooking class ��
今天在小食堂享受了豐盛又快樂的一天,由Pak Sir手把手的教會裱花蛋糕,最後的成品簡直驚為天人,不敢相信短短的幾小時,自己可以變身成為花藝蛋糕大師,那種成功感讓自己彷彿發光透亮(當然其中有Pak sir身影)。歸途上提著蛋糕,四處投來的注目與讚歎讓我飄飄然,還有兩次被途人截停問:「你嘅蛋糕好靚呀,係邊度買㗎?」
真心感謝Pat Sir,也高度推介小食堂,我已經在搜尋下一個課堂要學什麼了😍
A very impressive cookery studio in town! Highly recommended for small private parties like bridal shower!
A decent place for my girl to celebrate her birthday with her best friends. Staff are friendly, helpful and thoughtful. We enjoyed the day so much. 🥰
What a lovely cooking experience...we all had so much fun!!!
Absolutely a fabulous place for kids bday party ! you don’t have to worry about setup, place already comes with nice deco, thank you for all the warm arrangement, kids all had a great time making their own galaxy cake, this is really the ultimate party venue for kids!
Highly recommended! We had an amazing evening learning how to make macarons! And all the little additional touches like the print out of the group photos, the Instagram corner for the finished products, and the decorations made it a great surprise birthday and amazing evening! Thanks a lot The Little Kitchen Team! These guys are great!!
亞sir 好細心教導每個學員,做得唔好會用心指導👍🏻
Pak sir講解清晰易明,地方整理,其他staff都好nice同細心,星空蛋糕好睇又好食,有機會會再上黎玩😆😆😆
We just celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday at TLK the past weekend! We all had so much fun!! Thank you Callum gorgor and Pak gorgor. We are planning for our next event already 🙂
Great cooking experience! Patience teaching, well prepared and structured, great cake!!! Excellent experience and I would recommend to anyone!! Thanks so much!
I had a very enjoyable class with my friends. Even though we had a different level of cooking experience, teacher Pak gave each person as much attention and courage. Thanks for the great class. Looking forward to attending another class.
A very impressive cookery studio in town! Location is very easily accessible. The kitchen is very spacious, neat & cozy. The classes are well-organized that everyone with, or without cooking experience, can surely able to follow. All staff are so nice & caring. Our tutor Pak teaches so well, is always willing to share, super encouraging and so humorous! Calum is super nice & makes every single details perfect! Their assistant Edith is very helpful & efficient! Feeling so joyful & contented every time step out from TLK and can’t wait for next class to come^^ The whole package is so awesome and please keep it up!
The cakes are so tasty and well-presented that I can't find the similar studio elsewhere
Thanks Pak Calum and Edith a great day with fun and sweetness!
小小的一個檸檬撻, 技巧和手法都比想像中多, 導師用心詳細的教導, 工作人員安排的細節, 精美的食物盒和拍照位... 讓我帶著滿滿的滿足感回家~~
老師Pak很用心教導,極surprise 的是,老師完全計準了煮餐時間,那天煮了龍蝦、洋蔥湯、慢煮豬扒、意大利飯,全部都是同一時間煮好~!我與女朋友就可以食剛煮好的食物~。而老師的教學是極清楚,佢做一次再俾你自己整,一定識整,也可以學到好的手勢。同時,老師好好人(佢個人好NICE~)。
而老闆一直的安排都極讚。由入門口見到電視上surprise welcome sign就一直覺得貼心。老闆笑容很好,安排是無縫,也很健談。仲幫我地影左好多相,謝謝!
Very enjoyable evening making the Galaxy Mirror Cake. Highly recommend The Little Kitchen for a fun and highly educational cooking class.
Amazing team who really went the extra mile to make sure we had a memorable experience. Very professional and patient instructor and everything we made tasted amazing
We all had a memorable experience at LTK! Wonderful baby shower party for our dear friend 🙂
Thank you Chef Pak for teaching us every single steps and ensured our cupcakes turned out beautifully. We appreciated the little details with customised signage, photo session and decoration arrangements. Highly recommended!