Party Services for Kids


為小朋友安排生日派對感到煩惱?小食堂提供一站式派對服務,在短時間內得到大量家長的支持及肯定! 專業友善的導師,舒適安全的環境, 小食堂務求給小朋友一個難忘的下廚派對!

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  • 小朋友生日派對
  • 小朋友聚會
  • 任何活動!


  • 料理製作班:
    • 製作時間: 約兩小時
    • 用餐及自由時間: 約兩小時
  • 甜品製作班:
    • 製作時間: 約兩小時
    • 自由時間: 約兩小時


  • 最低消費: HKD 3,000.00*
  • 派對服務費: HKD 500.00
  • 可自攜食物 / 蛋糕 / 飲品,免開瓶 / 切餅費
  • 以優惠價於 Delights by The Little Kitchen 訂購蛋糕
  • 已提供基本佈置,方便大家拍照留念
  • 提供基本設備,WIFI; 投影機; 音響系統; 自定燈光系統

*實際費用則按 (A) [相關製作費x出席人數] + 派對服務費 / (B) 最低消費而定 (以較高者為準)

Very friendly and professional team - Calum and Chef Pak! We hosted a birthday party for my 8yr old daughter and her friends , and it was such a great experience for both kids and adults . Would love to recommend TLK to my friends !
We just celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday at TLK the past weekend! We all had so much fun!! Thank you Callum gorgor and Pak gorgor. We are planning for our next event already 🙂
We had a great time at The Little Kitchen this afternoon for my daughter’s 8th bday party. We were all impressed with the hearty touch to every single details to the party. It’s not just another party that the venue is hosting but a very personalised one with the attentive details. Calum and Pak were super patient with the kids. Its super risky to make macaroon with kids at this age but Pak and Calum has fulfilled the bday girl’s wish! And all kids managed to make their macaroons successfully. The venue is crisp clean with great natural lighting from the wide windows for photos. The afternoon was filled with laughter and joy for every single one of us. We strongly recommend this place for hosting private parties!
This is a long overdue thank you to The Little Kitchen - one of the most decent cooking studios in HK where we threw a birthday party for our daughter two years ago. The staff are helpful, considerate and always responsive. The studio itself is clean, spacious and stylish. All the kids and their parents had great feedback on the arrangement back then. We are also thankful to the staff who took a lot of great photos for us during the party.
We definitely need small business with heart like The Little Kitchen in HK!
Just had my daughter’s birthday party here, the staff are very thoughtful and well experienced to teach the kids baking, they also entertain with kids during the class, kids had so much fun.

Nice place, roomy and tidy! The cake is beautiful and good too. We highly recommend The Little Kitchen.






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