Thank you for going out of your ways to make it a pleasant experience for the kids. They love the cute recipe and colourful devices at the studio.
Thanks for a fun and wonderful morning ... the cake is so delicious ... we all enjoyed it a lot ... 貼心服務���
地㸃方便 場地佈置非常優雅舒適 工具齊全新穎 材料分配充足 老師教學生動詳細 食譜及食物盒設計精美溫馨 小班教學能照顧到每個學員 用心之作 每次上課後都感到心情愉快满足���
A nice tidy place, comfort also having a funny, professional teacher. Enjoy every moments in class. Will come again.
Enjoy the moon cake class very much! Thanks 寶老師!Thanks Calum!
You will love the place as soon as you walk in, it is bright and airy, neat and tidy. Staff are friendly and helpful. The instructor's explanation is clear and to the point. From the recipe, through preparing the ingredients to packaging the product is meticulously executed. Watching the demonstration is like watching a performance (galaxy cake). We all enjoyed every moment of the class and we left with a cake that all who saw it admired. The Little Kitchen is a high quality cooking studio with a humble name. I recommend the Little Kitchen to those who love cooking.
Thanks Little kitchen😊 看得出你們每一件事都很細心, 愉快輕鬆的課堂, good team & work✨星空蛋糕✨ 當你攰的時候, 抬頭看星空份外平靜✨
課程內容中實習成份高, 空間寬敞, 完成品有美觀的透明盒包裝。老師講解詳細, 盡量令學生在家都可製作。
Had a wonderful time baking with my 5 years old son. Thanks Calum and 寶老師 for their thoughtful arrangements. Highly recommend their classes to everyone!
小食堂永遠都給人窩心的感覺寶老師、卡林及各工作人員也很熱情友善,很喜歡這次的紫薯花花芝士蛋糕,buttercream換上了健康的紫薯,大讚! 自己本身沒有唧花的天份,幸得寶老師悉心的教導,最終完成了紫薯花花,謝謝!
Will join again!! Thanks for teaching
We enjoyed our cooking evening so much! Thank you the Little Kitchen! Special shout out to our cooking instructor Pak, he has so much patience in us. Without him, I guess our bridal shower won't be a success too.我地讀書時代好討厭上cookery,但經過今次,我地都重拾烹飪樂趣。尤其享用番自己嘅製成品,大滿足!
我好鍾意學整飽點甜品,去過好幾間不同的cooking class.小食堂The Little Kitchen 給我印象和感覺最好!他們所有員工都好nice,他們會嘗試記著顧客姓名,我感到他們很重視和尊重顧客!另外,他們亦很細心,由預先印製顧客名字的label 外、製成品之包裝,更準備了製成品拍攝專區,精美過膠的食譜、昨晚完成課堂後,更為每位學員送上一張與導師的合照!如有合適的課堂,我一定會帶埋仔仔女女一齊再參加!
星空蛋糕班導師認真細心,指導充足清晰氣氛融洽良好成品好好食�Good tutor with patientClass is full of fun and happiness
very attentive and interactive workshop overall! - particularly our instructor � guide us through step by step and allow all of us to practice more than once before the real deal! � oh and did I mention each of our names are on a customized label!? u just gotta love it!
環境舒適,器材excellent ,Pak 教得很好, 課程內容充實!希望快一些可以再參加課堂 !
導師好細心,好有耐性甘教授各種技巧�課堂生動有趣吾會悶,講解詳細之餘又會講下笑,By the way, 導師好charming�
The best cooking class I have attended. The cake looks gorgeous!
你們是我見過最有熱誠 最用心 最細心 最貼心的每一次上課都好開心 每一個課程我都要報名!✌️
很窩心的準備 很有善的幫忙 很難忘的體驗 ���
我是一個粗枯大葉、笨手笨腳的人。但導師很好�,好細心,逐步教我....成品靚到連我自己都唔信係我整出嚟�...而當小食堂導師同職員們知道我係整嚟送俾朋友,佢地仲好好咁幫我教我用朱古力寫HAPPY BIRTHDAY....第二日朋友收到我呢個從來無心思嘅人,花心思整個蛋糕出嚟,佢真係好開心.... 仲讚我叻�.... 真係非常慶幸我無報錯班....�
Nice and comfortable place, my child was so happy to make mooncake and play there, handsome Chef and staff was so nice, good good good☺☺☺👍👍👍.
第一次同朋友係小食堂上蛋糕班,一間非常有心,用心既cooking studio, 好多謝導師既耐心教導,我地個個都成功做到自己既Galaxy mirror cake,期待下一次既來臨😊
A very nice place with patient and knowledgeable chef Pak and very nice snap shot photos taken by Calum. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to take cooking class ��
導師專業清楚,環境舒適整潔,員工親切有禮,perfect !星空蛋糕,必定成功。
Had so much fun at little kitchen, the teacher is professional and helpful, the staff is lovely. Atmosphere there is chilly and relaxing. Unexpectedly, there is a cozy balcony at a building in YMT!
TLK it’s a perfect place for whatever celebrations you want to have! 🥰🥳🎂
A very impressive cookery studio in town! Location is very easily accessible. The kitchen is very spacious, neat & cozy. The classes are well-organized that everyone with, or without cooking experience, can surely able to follow. All staff are so nice & caring. Our tutor Pak teaches so well, is always willing to share, super encouraging and so humorous! Calum is super nice & makes every single details perfect! Their assistant Edith is very helpful & efficient! Feeling so joyful & contented every time step out from TLK and can’t wait for next class to come^^ The whole package is so awesome and please keep it up!
A lovely experience in cake making. Can't wait to join the coming classes soon!
Calum安排周到。寶老師教導清晰。場地方便又乾淨。我要rate 10星。好開心的一晚啊。多謝!
紫薯cheesecake又靚又好食,加上PakSir細心指導,非常值得上既cookery class,大力推介!
今日係第三次參加小食堂嘅甜品製作班,今次學整macaro!導師Pak sir講解嘅製作技巧簡單、易學,課堂氣氛輕鬆愉快。時間許可,亦會繼續參加其他製作班!
昨天跟寶老師學雲石馬卡龍真的好開心, 寶老師好用心教我哋。 我亦很快跟到, 焗出來效果也很美啊!另外, 課室光潔寬敞,寶老師準備充足, 重要出動埋佢嘅至愛煲添。
Awesome! Clear step by step guidance make even first time cooking papa and mama finished the mooncakes with kids easily. Nice instructor, spacious ann comfortable environment. Enjoy the class very much.
Just made an amazing watermelon rose cake with TLK. Really love all the little details of the whole experience. The owner was super nice and the tutor was quite funny and he explained everything really clearly. Absolute value for money and would definitely come again!
Best cooking studio in town! Instructor was very professional and patient w/ 手殘 like me � Will definitely go bk for more classes in the near future. 2 thumbs up ��
A great place for fun and laughter for both kids and parents. My son loves this place, spacious, clean, safe with friendly teachers and staff. We've been to the parent-kid cooking class twice - each time bringing home delicious handmade food and happy memeories �.
Thanks Pak Calum and Edith a great day with fun and sweetness!
we had fun there for cookies/chocolate tart class on Christmas day, the enviorment and atmosphere are good, the instructor and assistants were all friendly, my daughter had fun at the class!
I've been to a few cookery studios but this is definitely the best one so far.I had no prior experience but still managed to make some really good-looking macarons (they even taste better than the ones bought from cafes cuz they were made out of fresh fruits) Also, everything was customized (a gift box and a certificate with your name and recipe printed on it were provided). Highly recommended�
Enjoyable cooking class there, both adults and kids have a lot of fun. We must come again 🙂
由一人一機小班教學嘅堅持,到老師嘅耐心教學⋯用料嘅精選⋯精美photo booth嘅擺設⋯蛋糕嘅下午茶點款待,完全感受到小食堂費盡心思嘅安排。好開心上咗一個與別不同、愉愉快快嘅latte art班!
非常適合舉行派對之用。我地book了這裡作bridal shower,一齊煮3-Course慶祝。煮完啲嘢食好好食,導師好有耐性同又好風趣,成個過程都好開心。地方好寬敞, decoration又靚。多謝令我們有一個難忘的回憶!
第一次來小食堂學整蛋糕, 多謝Calum同寶老師, 上課氣氛很好, 又學習到唧花的技巧.....希望下次再可以跟寶老師學整蛋糕。
Highly highly recommended, especially for small private parties/bridal shower �. The place was very clean, organised and beautifully designed~ although we didn't bring our own decorations, Calum and his team was very thoughtful to create such a sweet personalised photogenic environment �. The cooking session was absolute fun and the food was very delicious!! Will come back again for any future private function �.
導師指導清晰、易明,教學用心,就算係新手都可以造出唔錯的成品 ~地方同用具都好乾淨,而且包裝精美,值得一讚 (^^)
Very decent and comfy place to learn cooking! Super nice teacher and extremely clear instructions, good recipe that assure you can re-do it by yourself at home. Lovely packing and beautifully designed printed recipe for you to bring home � provide a decorated background for you to take great photos for your cooking product!
第一次參加小食堂搞既蛋糕班 所有野都預先貼好名安排好晒 真係好貼心!寶老師亦好細心咁指導每個step!我覺得我d紫薯花花唧得好靚架
超讚既環境,用心既教學,感覺好好,又好玩既一個晚上,所有既準備都好窩心,感謝所有工作人員,紫薯作品仲好好味添i like it so much❤ from: tofu
Nice place and friendly teacher for cake making class 😊
It’s a great and enjoyable Experience.
細心預備每一個細節,十分窩心 : )
Placed an order for a galaxy cake and marble cake cubes just three days before my husband's birthday. The galaxy cake easily wowed everyone who attended the birthday dinner. Can't wait to visit their studio!
We picked this venue for our girl’s birthday party as our girl loves the idea of cooking party with her friends and The Little Kitchen is our first choice as it’s located conveniently next to Yau ma tei station. They have a good range of recipes to pick from and 卡林 was very responsive to our enquiries. I especially love their customized board / tv display, bday decorations, stickers and pictures printing for the girls. Overall experience was both fun and satisfying with the kids managed to participate in every details. I also got to relax and enjoy the party with their excellent service 🙂
這個星空蛋糕其實很早已經知道, 直至朋友仔話一齊上堂學先報名.上堂地方光淨企理, 空間感好好. 上堂時間充裕, 唔會趕鴨仔快快完事.由事前要準備的材料, 課堂上留意每位學員進度, 制作每人專屬的名牌貼紙, 還附有過膠的靚靚食譜....都能感受到他們的貼心服務和細心安排!
Unexpected experience , cozy environment , relax learning and super tasty food
尋日喺小食堂學整櫻花綠茶園伴幻彩蛋白餅, 老師好比心機教,呢款甜品有好多步驟, 學到好多野...最難係唧個櫻花...多得老師提點最終都算見得人�同埋其他同事都好nice , 希望下次可以再上小食堂學野�
The Little Kitchen is a wonderful cookery studio. You only feel relaxing, enjoyable, comfortable in here. Everyone is friendly which made the atmosphere be harmonious. <3I believe that I will be back soon. :)
剛剛上完紫薯花花芝士蛋糕班,不單只作品好靚,仲好好味! 小食堂仲好細心,包裝及receipt 都好靚! 真係只要帶個開心心情去上堂就得! 期待下次再見!
Really enjoyed the class! Pak is a wonderful instructor. He is clear, detailed and encouraging to the students. Will be back ...
Easy and fun class with very caring and nice arrangements!
由報名到上堂到攞住自己完成品離開,小食堂都係貼心又細心❤ 連sitting plan,食譜,外帶盒都有自己名,簡直係爆LIKE��� 真心多謝小食堂嘅寳老師,Calum, Edith,今晚第一次學做奶黄月餅,好滿足喲! �
A good place for Friends gathering. Instructor is patient in leading us to make the full course dinner. it also offers a nice environment for private time to enjoy the meal with your friends.
今天和幾個朋友第一次上了小食堂的蛋糕班,小食堂的環境真的很不錯,而且要多謝Pak sir 耐心的教導,我們花了3小時,總算奮戰成功地做了一人一個像樣的紫薯花花芝士蛋糕……哈哈哈!~有80%以上相似度吧!……���期待不久的將來再上你們其他不同的課程或挑戰難度更高的蛋糕班……今天真的衷心感謝啦……�
早已把圍裙都貼上了我們的名字,並放在早已安排好的位置上,疍糕盒也早已貼上我們的名字還有過了膠的食譜好細心好感動重點係寶老師竟然連我老公都教得識佢唧玫瑰花過了一個意想不到的 sweet sweet Sunday night二話不說,5個讚
This is the best cooking studio that I've ever been. Cozy environment and nice staff. we had our galaxy mirror cake and received lots of encouragement from the group. have a great time there!
好details 、好細心、好舒適、好relax、好好味!推介推介推介��� (重要的事要講三次�)
Super nice place. 一班人包堂整蛋糕,好好玩好開心。導師細心,staffs 好helpful,地方都好靚呀~
今次返香港幸運地報到三堂課程�Pak sir真係好用心教呀!staffs also helpful! 強烈推薦小食堂�
雖然今日落雨,但都無影響到今日幫同學仔搞farewell既歡樂氣氛Calum同寶老師都好好人,邊教我地整邊吹下水,談吐斯文大方,成個氣氛都好樂融融雖然有班好爛玩既男仔,但係寶老師既指導下,全部人都好成功咁整到個好食又影得相既lemon tart然後仲好細心咁幫各位同學仔整好曬佢地既label,啲貼紙印左每個人既英文名仲有得意既圖案,真係好鬼死靚有啲同學仔仲拎埋番屋企整完甜品就有兩個鐘既自由時間,整野食張枱泊埋另一邊,又騰岀到個空間比同學仔玩下game,開開心心又一個晏就地方好乾淨企理,又有bgm邊播住,氣氛一流啊最後仲可以比我地播同學仔自己整既片睇,真係不得了一百個讚好✨
環境舒適,小班教學! 阿Sir好有心機教導!
I had a great party at The Little Kitchen. I think the studio is perfect for parties (bridal shower, birthday party), company events and gatherings. It has a spacious indoor area and a terrace. The people of the Little Kitchen also contributed to our perfect party. They know how to "wow" their guests.
Thanks for hosting a great party for our little princess. Textbook definition of great customer service. We really feel at home.
太開心! 初哥學唧玫瑰花花,怕自己手震震做唔到,點知原來好易上手,但易學難精嘅,要多多練習先得! 現場氣氛融洽,寶 Sir 靚仔風趣,同學們都好 Enjoy !多謝卡林細心嘅安排!好期待下次再跟寶 Sir 學嘢!
係個超好玩又開心嘅group. 哩度有好多高手而且有問必答,而幕後功神更加抵贊
我是在Facebook 上無意中見到小食堂的post,之後就跟自己說一定要學,本身是對他們的6" floral cake 有興趣的,但因為日子唔夾所以就book了他們十月九號的floral cupcake 堂。 事關我七號時才看到這個post ,只有兩天的時間,但他們的回覆超級迅速,很快就成功book 到上堂。他們亦很細心的附上location map 和提醒學生帶外套,真心要俾個讚��!上堂教學清晰,老師們又有耐心,每當遇到困難時都會及時指導。下次就到日子的話一定會上6 "floral cake。
選擇情人節同老公來上甜品堂, 絕對是對的,開開心心又學到野 ...
兩個字形容小食堂----"窩心"寶老師同ADMIN哥哥為大家預備上堂既每一個細節, 真係令人好窩心同驚喜~係其他地方上堂係咁冇架~THANK YOU 寶老師, THANK YOU ADMIN哥哥!!期待下次上堂~
Thank you for giving me and my friends the best private baking experience! Absolutely loving the atmosphere of the studio and every staff was so nice and helpful, plus the little things that you guys have prepared for us just to make us feel special! Instructor Pak was very patient and taught us many useful tricks and skills! We will definitely come back next time!
小小的一個檸檬撻, 技巧和手法都比想像中多, 導師用心詳細的教導, 工作人員安排的細節, 精美的食物盒和拍照位... 讓我帶著滿滿的滿足感回家~~
無意中見到小食堂的專業,便報了Flowers in color cupcakes 班,那裡地方整潔舒服,工作人員友善,導師Mr. Pak不但靚仔,而且非常有耐心教導每位學員,我們成功地製作出不同的花朵,真期待下次的親子課堂。
The studio is warm. We enjoyed having our bridal shower there with happiness and satisfaction.
好開心加入這平台,見大家開心分享自己的美食,這裏的和諧在其他地方是沒有的,當每有新post 我會細心欣賞,還有每次活動介紹、精美的插圖和每次上堂所安排的一齊,給我感受到你們花了不小心思。另還欣賞你們可將慈善加入當中,努力、加油!!
Perfect location for group parties or all sorts of group events. Environment super spacious, clean and organized. Calum was taking like tons of photos for us while we are learning from Star Chef. I would say it's an evening well spent. definitely would recommend to anyone who wants a nice cozy space for party and group events!
第1次整馬卡龍~ 顏色可以自己配搭,導師Mr. Pak 教得清楚易明。地方夠大而且每個學員都有自己既工具,成功整到成日覺得好難整既馬卡龍真係好有滿足感~��期待下次再整其他甜品~~
今年阿女生日在小食堂整月餅,大人小朋友都好開心!好多謝卡林同Pak Sir既貼心安排,幫忙佈置又簡化左整月餅既工序,令小朋友可以好開心咁參與,又好成功地製成可愛月餅!多謝你地!!!
Thank you for all of your afford!Great job!I've a wonderful cooking experience!!!Looking forward for next events
亞sir 好細心教導每個學員,做得唔好會用心指導👍🏻自己衰收尾,亞sir好好人咁做多畀我😊攪到咁夜先走自己都覺得唔好意思🙏🏻🙏🏻今次學整月餅體驗感覺好好,好開心🤗必定會再報名學其他👍🏻👍🏻
謝謝你地今日既安排雖然自己睇錯上堂時間好在有位好貼心靚仔職員打電話來提醒下如果唔係仲以為自己未夠鐘要大家等真係唔好意思今次係我地第一次係呢度上既親子班環境好舒服,夠大同好乾淨好少會有甘闊地方比人學習(之前曾試過去過一間玩親子甜品,環境太細,感覺唔舒服)食譜方面整得好靚又可以即刻拎走(我試過要what's apps 佢先肯比食譜)連焗爐貼上小朋友名既貼紙都好貼心,同埋比佢知道邊個係佢自己既爐 (呢個係好意外,好少地方甘細心)老師又教得好之餘又細心(自己整燶左老師連佢自己個比埋我,等我小朋友唔駛失望冇成品睇)同時又不嫌其煩解答小朋友既問題比我感覺真好好下次再有親子班會再來join班架
偶然的機會在FB看到小食堂,被星空蛋糕的樣子吸引了,約了八位好友組班上課。在與Colin 溝通過程中,已經感受到小食堂的創辦人的認真態度和誠實。上課地點位於九龍市區繁華地段的商廈,就算以後晚上獨自一人去上課也不用擔心。課室寬敞明亮,四周的裝飾成為了上完課後與作品合影的背景,非常漂亮!上課的甜品導師pak 帥氣又有型,上課時講解詳細,例如我們打發wipping cream 時,他講解每一個小細節,同學做的時候又會留意每一個人。在整個上課過程中他說的都是鼓勵的話語,讓每個同學都有信心做到。結束時更令人感動:食譜交給我們是過了膠的,不用害怕弄臟。還有我們和導師的合照!我們一定會再組班去小食堂!謝謝小食堂所有的工作人員!
It is a good place to learn how to make a very nice cake with your friends. Thanks so much the teacher is very professional and explain all the detail clearly.All my friends and I have amazing time.Surely will come again to learn the rest.Hope there are more different lessons coming this year.
導師耐心又細心的教導,沒嫌我蠢鈍,而且環境乾淨舒適,十分欣賞所有的事 !! 會帶女兒再上親子班 !!
用心教學, 環境好好, 專業的蛋糕班。。。。
Thanks TLK for arranging such a memorable bridal shower for me and my bridesmaids! The chef and all staff are very friendly and accommodating ! Definitely 最好玩既bridal shower 🙌🏻
We had a great experience! Teacher is very professional, he gave us a lot of useful tips! The ocean wave cake looks very pretty and it tastes very yummy too!
I held my b'day party at Little Kitchen and I would say I was very impressed by everything - from the beautiful personalised decoration to the amazing service! All the staff were really friendly, my friends and I really enjoyed our time there :)They were happy to arrange a vegan menu especially for a few of my friends and everything was prepared efficiently! I'm so glad I found Little Kitchen and will definitely visit them again! 😀
First time making a flower cheesecake..it's harder than expect to make the "flowers" but the chef instructor is very patient and teach us individually by and giving comments to our products. It's such a fun class with comfortable and nice design place. It is definitely a good place for joining cookery class or even having party there.
People are helpful and friendly. Provided quality cooking class serivce.
Had a wonderful bread making experience. The teacher is friendly. The decoration of cooking studio is nice. Highly recommended!
Thank you for the nicely arranged class and greatly presented cake! Really enjoyed the hours spent at The Little Kitchen!
Understanding more cooking knowledge and skill during class!
Pak sir講解清晰易明,地方整理,其他staff都好nice同細心,星空蛋糕好睇又好食,有機會會再上黎玩😆😆😆
今日上咗堂學威化紙花蛋糕,好好玩😆導師Pak同阿"打雜"好energetic, 間workshop好靚,用嘅equipment 又好professional, 好明顯阿打雜放咗好多心思落間workshop度。最最最窩心嘅(我喺其他地方上蛋糕從來無遇過)..喺我"個工作位",同我個蛋糕盒上,店主會準備print有我個名嘅sticker😍十分之personalize~~~呢d真係details in small manner but I appreciate it so much!!! 仲有,佢地預備嘅recipe 係會過埋膠俾我哋,真係好細心!Ah...今堂$4xx, 學咗4種嘢,以經濟角度都好抵- 焗蛋糕,整jam,抆cream, 整wafer 🌺
My 4 year old son enjoyed the ginger bread and chocolate tart workshop so much! Great location. Place is clean and everything so well organsied. Pak is great with kids, very clear and simple instructions and fun! Calum is very friendly and helpful also. Can’t wait to attend the next event.
這裡學習環境非常好😍😍😍,而每一位工作人員都很貼心服務,每位同學位置都有自己的名字,令到大家可清晰知道,pak 導師更悉心指導每一細節😘😘,令大家都容易明白做法,還有callum 連一張recipe都做得好靚(已過膠),真是很細心👍🏼,希望很快再可以在小食堂學習😍😍😍😍😍
Easy and fun for me as a beginner! I pretty like the cake I made 🙂
Debut! Created my first purple taro cake with handmade roses decor in the Little Kitchen 13/3 cooking class! Amazing experience - humorous teacher, good coordination, heart warming photo and you can take away the Le Creuset bakeware! Great details as simple as apron and cake packing with your name!
The kitchen itself is very neat. People there are extremely helpful in taking good care of the customers. They have a good sense of humor too 🙂 We held a bridal shower for our friend there and were all very satisfied with the good food and happy moments. Brilliant job guys!
Happy that we can join the class on 14/2/2016, thanks for the arrangement, hope we can join next time and more parenting classes can hold ^^
good tutor and nice environment; will recommend my friends to join!
蛋糕好味呀,蛋糕內士多啤梨醬沒有我想像中味,我和媽媽都是食好少甜味的人。白sir 好細心的教導,人好幽默,學習的環境好好👍👍😃🎂😋😋
第一次參加小食堂搞既蛋糕班 所有野都預先安排好晒 ,貼好自己名字,真係好貼心!老師好細心咁指導每個step!超正下次開班一定會再去學 Thx 小食堂帶俾我人生第一次唧花堂
小食堂有好多煮食高手,他們好願意分享美食同心得,繼而令我從中學到,而admin又有心又勤力,定時與寶老師推出一些cooking class,比我們學習整甜品,讓我們一班愛整美食的谷友有一個平台學習,很有凝聚力的谷!大愛呀!
在這小食堂訂購過禮盒,參與過cooking class,小食堂每次也帶給我無盡的樂與喜!小食堂的愛,admin的細心體貼,是你在其他地方找不到的。而且你還會感到他們往往向善,每次活動也不忘捐款公益!超讚!
Great teacher and lesson👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 convenient location
We held a birthday party for our 5 year old daughter. It was a very pleasant and unforgettable experience for all of us. The kids has fun making their own cake pops. They were all so concentrated decorating their own masterpiece. The place was cozy with custom made deco. Would definitely recommend to our friends!
紫薯花花芝士蛋糕 開心啲一堂! 寶貴啲一堂!感謝寶老師細心指導! 感謝小食堂貼心安排! 整個過程非常開心, 最後一刻先學識, 期待下一次上堂!
好好玩!! 最深刻係學擠花時老師會入逐組耐心示範, 對我呢d初哥黎講好有幫助!! 大大力推介黎玩:D
Wonderful experience in little kitchenMentor and helpers are nice and galaxy cake is really stunning and delicious!
We are happy to have joined the class on 3 April. Thanks for the arrangement!
今日學咗雲石鏡面蛋糕磚,過程非常開心,Pak sir好細心,有問有答,講解得非常清楚。我參加過不少cooking class,小食堂係我感覺最好既一間,環境寬敞舒適;導師,老闆及員工既態度都非常殷勤,完堂時送上當日同學仔既合照,真令人感動!
估唔到自己可以煮啲野咁好味 😋😋 Staff 好細心,環境好舒服Highly recommended!!!
第一次參加the little kitchen,材料準備充足,寶老師教學認真,連食譜都係過膠,而且每個盒都印有自己名字,非常細心!
導師很有耐性,課堂簡單易明,very good~
That's so much fun. The studio is well equipped and neatly decorated. Pak and his team are all fantastic with lots of patience! ���
Friendly and detail minded teacher and staff, yummy food and nice environment! We had private class here for a bridal shower, we all enjoyed so much! Would be happy to come here again!
Excellence ... Very detail, step by step so I can do it by myself.Highly recommend the little kitchen,will join again.👍👍
呢度開party超正!! 乾淨舒服又靚!仲有個大露天平台。導師好有耐心教,做餅專業,食譜設計有心思,又會解釋食材同成份,同出面既普通蛋糕班好唔同。多謝老闆準備既人名貼紙同即時print埋我地既相~~相當美好的聚會��
We had a great experience! Calum and Pak were very patient - making sure our dishes came out delicious despite our beginner skills in cooking, and taking lots of lovely photos of the process! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to enjoy cooking and eating together 🙂
The cake is pretty and yummy!😋 The preparation is good!!
噚日嘅Latte art 班真係好正呀! 小班教學一人一機真係good good good 期待之後嘅樂樂製作班!加油!
學習全程非常開心,Pak 導師悉心講解,卡林友善招待,環境及器材一流,拎住製成品(Mirror Mable cake)回家途中,不斷有途人讚嘆,希望好快再到小食堂上堂學習�
Had a wonderful evening with my friends! Looking forward to joining upcoming classes.
Great experience! Every details been arranged perfectly! I will surely come back for other classes!
導師好有心機教我地同解答問題都不在下話。FB/ whatsapp 問問題覆得好快,公關做得好好,可以好放心去上堂。好多細微細眼的位都做得好好,上堂仲有人幫你影相留念。� 有機會會帶朋友去上堂 �
Very enjoyable evening making the Galaxy Mirror Cake. Highly recommend The Little Kitchen for a fun and highly educational cooking class.
讚��地點位於九龍區超級方便��Pak老師very nice ��新手都可以做到個成品�
參加了Lattr Art拉花班,老師教得十分用心和詳細,負責人很友善。場地非常整潔企理(好想屋企有個一樣gei烹飪地方)!如果有空和機會,會再參與同類班。謝謝所有人的用心付出。
地點很方便,上課環境很舒服,Terri導師很有耐性及細心指導,Calum 及寶老師非常 nice!輕鬆又愉快渡過 happy weekend。
已經無參加cooking class多時,今日在小食堂參加macaron 班 有一番新體驗,我只可以說這班年輕人有嚴重的完美主意引起的強迫症����每一個小細節都做到極致,真的有愛~有熱誠~很快樂~希望小食堂會一直keep住呢團火。
今晚是第二次參加樂樂制作班。每次都享受到很窩心的安排,課堂除了提供很專業的用具,最特別的是每位學員都有一張充滿繽紛色彩並且過了膠的食譜、很精美的包裝盒、彩色大合照一張,感激這一切充滿誠意及非常細心的照顧,小食堂真的做到'學員只須懷著快樂的心情到來就可以唷' 還有寳老師的耐心教導、細心觀察及指導學員拿揑技巧,令大家滿心歡喜地拿著自己的作品回家,跟家人分享❤️ 多謝小食堂可以讓我學習之餘還能做善事,實在過了一個很有意義及愉快的晚上!下次見唷!
Graceful experience with Flowers In Colour Cupcakes class. The teaching was clear and the pace was not rush. It was also so sweet to have laminated recipes, developed photos and named take away boxes. All these little things do make me feel that the class was so well prepared. Had a great evening with the Little Kitchen Cookery Studio.
The studio is nice and comfortable, the tutor is patient and talented, the staff are polite and helpful, the arrangement is organised. We had a great time baking cookies at The Little Kitchen and most importantly, we love the cookies loadssss!!
easy and fun for me as a beginner, a very enjoyable experience for kids as well =)
第一次參加the little kitchen,很喜歡!每一樣嘢都看得出你們是細心的安排,老師亦很耐心教每一個step,skills~令你好容易明白, 掌握。我之前很少join cake workshop,but I will go the little kitchen again~
It's a marvellous class for holding a bridal shower at The Little Kitchen, nice place with good setup, experienced chef, easy & clear steps to learn, delicous food..... leaving with full tummy and smily faces😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 we will definitely come again for other classes
Great cooking experience! Patience teaching, well prepared and structured, great cake!!! Excellent experience and I would recommend to anyone!! Thanks so much!
估唔到! 以為隨便找個地方给小朋友消磨時間,估唔到得有一個如此開心的經驗!! 有親切,極度有耐性嘅staff,她們细心的講解,示範,令4歲,6歲的小朋友也可以做出可愛又美味的動物曲奇。另studio有洗手盤方便做曲及影相同時進行��� 3小時就如15分鐘不知不覺過去��The Little Kitchen 一定會係我想再到嘅地方!!!
還有兩日才坐完月放監的我見到紫薯花花芝士蛋糕班已急不及待參加,第一次參加蛋糕班,很開心可以參加到寶老師的課堂,輕輕鬆鬆享受甜美的一夜!花花蛋糕剛好用來慶祝Baby 滿月呢!
導師Pak 非常細心, 有善, 有耐性, 講解非常清晰, 超讚�
我學左個紫薯花芝士蛋糕,好正!支持支持!! 同埋好細心,不但圍裙有自己個名,蛋榚盒都有名,而且合照即時有,好正!真心好鐘意!作品都極之靚同好味!你地再有堂我一定黎支持!
場地環境好舒適,器材好充足。講師教導細心╴整完個macaron個盒印埋個名~好有心既tailor made!最緊要係個macaron人人都讚好味~學左之後會自己返去試下整😊
陪好朋友參加 8 月 11 日的紫薯花花芝士蛋糕班,十分滿意。=)不大喜好下廚的我,已經期待著下次再來上課了!上課前:- 清楚的課程簡介及報名指示- 有禮貌的報名確認 whatsapp 訊息- 上課當日還有貼心的 whatsapp 提示及地圖上課時:- 教室環境非常舒適,整潔寬敞,一旁的佈置看得出花了不少心思- 寶老師講解清晰,有條理,細心照顧每位學員進度,非常有耐性- 上課時間分配得宜Extras - 十分欣賞及感謝 Calum 小食堂團隊的各式貼心安排:- 為每位學員準備好個人化的貼紙 + 精緻的包裝紙盒 (送禮自用皆宜);- 過膠的食譜 (保持清潔);- 開心合照 + 即晚派相;- 專業 photo booth (for 作品) + 環形補光白燈 (for 學員+作品)
What a lovely cooking experience...we all had so much fun!!!
A very impressive cookery studio in town! Highly recommended for small private parties like bridal shower!
The environment is very cozy. It is a wonderful experience with the galaxy mirror cake and I enjoyed the class so much.
Freda Li