Terms & Conditions 條款及細則 (Cookery Class 製作班)

Terms & Conditions 條款及細則


All classes will be conducted at The Little Kitchen Cookery Studio (“TLKCS”) operated by The Little Kitchen (”TLK”).

Address: 19/F, Oxford Commercial Building, 494-496 Nathan Road,  Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Class Enrolment is available online only. Enrolment fee must be paid by Credit Card (Stripe) or Bank Transfer.
  2. Due to limited seats, guests cannot request class cancellation after successful enrollment. Paid class fee is not refundable or transferable.
  3. Class Re-arrangement is not encouraged. If guests would like to change to another time-slot/class, a fee will be imposed:
    • HKD 100.00 per station  if the re-arrangement is made a day before the enrolled class.
    • HKD 200.00 per station if the re-arrangement is made on the date of the scheduled class.
    • HKD 300.00 per station if the re-arrangement is made after the enrolled class. Please note that re-arrangement will NOT be available if the request is made 3 days after the enrolled class.
    • Please note that guests are required to have their class rearranged within 3 months from the date of the original class. Late submission will not be accepted.
  4. No refunds and no cooking ingredients will be given to the absent guest.
  5. Class will be cancelled if the enrollment is insufficient. TLK will notify guests by email or phone not less than 2 calendar days in advance if there is cancellation due to insufficient enrollment. If there is cancellation due to other circumstances, TLK will notify guests as soon as possible. Guests can then either enroll in another class with the same class fee or obtain a refund on the class fee paid. The refund has to be arranged and completed within 2 months from the date of the cancelled class.  Otherwise, the paid class fee will be forfeited by TLK. For payment by credit card, the refund will be deposited into the credit card account from which the payment was made. No compensation whatsoever will be paid to guests if there is any cancellation.
  6. Guests will receive a confirmation email for successful enrolment.
  7. Guests must provide valid information for enrollment. A confirmation email will be sent to guests according to the contact provided.
  8. Only adults will be escorted. Children aged 3 or above are ONLY allowed to enroll in classes in our “The Little Chef” Parent-Kid cookery series, unless otherwise stated.
  9. Guests should take care of his/her personal belongings during class. TLK is not responsible for any personal loss.
  10. Audio recording and photo taking are strictly prohibited during class.
  11. TLK shall in no way be responsible or liable to any guest or to any person whomsoever for any direct or indirect losses or damages to any person or property incurred or suffered by guests or any such other person in connection with the class organized by TLK. Guests shall indemnify TLK from and against all claims and demands made against TLK in respect of any loss damage or injury caused by or in any way owing to the act default or neglect of guests.
  12. All utensils, kitchen appliances and facilities provided by TLK are the sole property of TLK. Guests are responsible to use all utensils, kitchen appliances and facilities properly and with good care. If there is any loss or damage caused to such utensils, kitchen appliances and facilities, guests will be required to compensate TLK for such loss and damage.
  13. TLK shall have the right, in its opinion, to take whatever actions it deems appropriate to preserve the safety and harmony of TLK and to stop any danger, nuisance or annoyance caused by any guest or any person including the right to require cessation of any activity conducted at TLKCS and/or stop the class and/or request any guest and any person to leave TLKCS and/or to report to the police. All class fee paid by the evictee(s) will be forfeited and no compensation will be paid by TLK.
  14. The copyrights of all cooking class contents are owned by TLK. Republication, redistribution or unauthorized use of any content is strictly prohibited. TLK reserves the right to take legal action against the aforesaid acts.
  15. All food photos on the website are for reference only.
  16. If the class cannot be performed by reason of typhoon warning signal No. 8 or above, black rain warning signal, “force majeure” and/or other causes whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the Studio, the class will be postponed or further arranged.
  17. TLK reserves the non-exclusive right to use the photos and videos taken during the classes for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising and promotional purposes, and in any form, style, color or medium whatsoever now known or later developed, including, without limitation, photographs, films, drawings, prints, broadcast, internet and electronic media.
  18. TLK reserves the right to make any alterations regarding the instructor, time and content of the classes offered when necessary.
  19. TLK reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  20. In case of any dispute, TLK reserves the right for final judgement and decision.

In case of discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version in respect of all or any part of the contents in the website, the English version shall prevail.

地址: 油麻地(MTR Exit C)彌敦道494-496晉利商業大廈19樓全層


  1. 製作班只設網上報名,經網上報名時須以信用卡 (Stripe) 或按指示以銀行轉賬方式繳交製作費。
  2. 報名後之名額不可轉讓他人,已繳交之報名費用亦恕不退還。
  3. 因名額有限,小食堂不建議參加者更改製作班時間/參加其他製作班。若參加者需要更改製作班時間,小食堂將收取相關手續費:
    • 港幣 100.00 (每組) :  申請於原定製作班日期前一天或更早提出
    • 港幣 200.00 (每組) : 申請於原定製作班當日提出
    • 港幣 300.00 (每組) : 申請於原定製作班時間後,3天内提出 (原定製作班時間3天後之申請將不獲接納)
    • 請注意,所有更改安排需於原定製作班舉行日期起三個月內處理,逾時申請將不獲接納。
  4. 如參加者缺席製作班,將當作自動放棄論,已繳交之學費及材料不會退還,亦不能轉讀其他課程。
  5. 若因製作班報名人數不足,而需要取消該製作班,小食堂會於製作班前不少於2天發出電郵通知或電話聯絡顧客有關製作班之取消。若因其他原因而需要取消該製作班,小食堂將儘早通知參加者。參加者可以選擇報讀另一個相同價錢的製作班,或辦理退款。退款手續須於取消之製作班日期起計的兩個月內辦理,逾期恕不作退款安排。經網上報名的參加者將獲自動退回全部款項予付款之信用卡賬戶。受取消製作班影響的參加者,將不會獲得任何補償。
  6. 報名成功後,參加者將收到確認電郵。
  7. 參加者報名時須提供正確資料,而確認電郵則根據顧客所提供的聯絡資料發出。
  8. 所有製作班只限成年人參加 (The Little Chef 親子製作班系列除外)。除非特別指明, 否則小童 (3歲或以上)只適合參加The Little Chef 親子製作班系列。
  9. 製作班進行期間,請參加者請小心保管閣下的私人財物,如有任何損失,小食堂概不負責。
  10. 製作班期間不得擅自進行錄音及錄影。
  11. 任何參加者或任何人仕如就小食堂之製作班關係,遭受任何直接或間接的傷亡或財物損失,小食堂概不負責。參加者應保障小食堂廚藝教室免受就其行為、疏忽或任何方式導致的損失或損害而引起的所有訴訟丶申索或賠償。
  12. 所有小食堂廚藝教室內的用具、廚房設備及中心設施均屬於小食堂所有。顧客有責任正確及正當使用所有用具、廚房設備及教室設施。若用具、廚房設備及教室設施有任何損壞,參加者將會被要求賠償其造成的損失。
  13. 小食堂有權採取任何適當行動,以確保教室的安全與和諧、阻止任何危險,滋擾或煩擾發生,包括停止在教室進行的一切活動,或及暫停課堂,或及要求滋事者離開教室,或及向警方報案。而其已支付的所有費用將不予補償。
  14. 所有製作班內容均為小食堂版權所有,不得轉載、網上分發或非法使用。小食堂保留相關追究權利。
  15. 網頁上的食物圖片只供參考。
  16. 倘若因八號風球或以上、黑色暴雨訊號、任何「不可抗力」的原因或任何其 他在合理控制範圍以外的理由,導致未能安排製作班,當日之製作班將會延 期或另作安排。
  17. 小食堂有權將於製作班內拍攝的圖片及圖片用於任何及所有用途,包括但不 限於市場推廣及宣傳用途,並可以任何形式、風格、顏色或於任何已知的或 其後開發的媒介,包括但不限於照片、影片、繪圖、印刷品、廣播、互聯網 和電子媒體出現。
  18. 必要時小食堂有權更改原定製作班之導師、上課時間及內容等。
  19. 小食堂保留更改有關條款及細則之權利,而毋須另行通知。
  20. 如有任何爭議,小食堂擁有最終決定權。